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Duan Ling Tian (段 凌 天) Is the main character of War Sovereign Soaring The Heavens Novel (凌 天 ​​战 尊)


Duan Ling Tian is generally described as a young man with a very beautiful appearance, on more than one occasion he leaves favorable impressions on women due not only to his personality, strength and charisma but also to his attractive physical appearance.

He has starry eyes and swords-shaped eyebrows, a commanding aura, and dresses normally in violet.


Ling Tian is friendly and respectful to those who deserve it, he will respond kindness with kindness and cruelty with cruelty. He is kind to his family and friends, he is decisive and ruthless to his enemies.

In general, he is cautious, observing situations to determine how real his objectives are, this is even more so with his enemies where he will completely depend on whether he is strong enough to face them, if not, he uses his wit and intelligence to carry out their plans.


Previous Life

Ling Tian, citizen of Hua. Formerly serving in the nation of Hua’s Elite Wolf Fang Special Forces, Army Division, he rendered innumerable meritorious deeds throughout his service. He took part in the International Special Forces Competition, winning the honor of top individual combatant, and was acknowledged as “The King of Weapons Specialists.”

Later, in an SSS ranked multinational mission, a slight mistake on his part led to the sacrifice of a comrade. Riddled with guilt, he chose to retire and left the Wolf Fang Division.

After retiring, there was no news of him for some time. He chose to go abroad and became the trump card of an internationally renowned mercenary organization. Any mission that he took part in would have an unparalleled success rate of 100%!

Although he had retired from the Wolf Fang Division many years ago, his heart was still with his homeland. As long as a mission was detrimental to the nation of Hua, not only would he decline the mission, but he would also uncover the identity of the person who issued the mission and brutally slaughter him.

As time passed on, he became a thorn in the side of every nation besides the nation of Hua. In the eyes of the other nations, he was a time bomb. Slaughter and bloodshed would follow wherever he went. Various countries started plotting against him, sparing no expense to hire world-class assassins.

However, Ling Tian’s life grew more comfortable as the days went by and the assassins vanished into thin air. Eventually, no assassin were willing to accept the “Suicide Mission” anymore. Trying to kill Ling Tian was the same as committing suicide! This statement was universally acknowledged by both the assassin and mercenary world.

He, Ling Tian, was not only a formidable weapon specialist, but he was also a master practitioner of Form and Will Boxing who even managed to cultivate his internal energy. He was rarely able to meet an opponent around the world; even on the rare occasion that he did meet one, he never lost!

Not long ago, Ling Tian received news from his most trusted broker. R Nation had created a type of a colorless and tasteless biological weapon. They were planning to transport the weapon into the nation of Hua, to carry out an atrocious conspiracy.

Naturally Ling Tian would not sit idly by and let this happen. He took action! With the help of his broker, the location of the biological weapons were pinpointed.

Just when he succeeded in carving out a path of blood and entering the underground laboratory, and just when he was about to destroy the batch of biological weapons… The underground laboratory suddenly caved in, trapping him in a fully sealed cage. When he caught sight of R countrymen appearing outside the cage one by one, with firearms in their hands… Ling Tian understood right away.

This was a conspiracy. a conspiracy against him.

He was betrayed by the person he trusted the most! Otherwise, with his level of astuteness, the R countrymen’s conspiracy would never have been able to succeed. Even until the moment of death, Ling Tian couldn’t figure it out.


  • The King of Weapons Specialist
  • Citizen Of Hua
  • Elite Wolf Fang Special Forces
  • Blood Wolf


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  • Has a soul that (presumably) cannot be destroyed by people from the Sanctuary Plane.
  • Known to be the first person to use force below the Void Prying Stage.
  • Has reached the limit of natural talent of the Mortal Continents. (Yellow root)
  • Finds out acquiring a black spiritual root causes a Heavenly Immortal strong heavenly tribulation.
  • Since Ancient Times, Duan Ling Tian would ( probably ) be the Only Person to have Opened 99 Heavenly Veins, Obtained the Main Branch of the Divine Tree Of Life, The Five Divine Elements, and Entered the Remnant of a Realms of God's.
  • His transmigration to another mundane realm (Crimson Sky Kingdom) was caused by the defective Formation which left behind by Gongsun Xuanyuan, Jade Emperor, and Ru Lai. (Chapter 3463)

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